docId guaranteed unique even after deletion?

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I am managing users in a collection in the nosql service, and am wondering if docId is guaranteed to be unique after deletion of a document.  For example:

  1. I query a collection and now have a docId on the client
  2. The underlying document with that docId is deleted from the collection
  3. A new document is inserted into the collection
  4. The entire collection is deleted and recreated
  5. A new document is inserted into the recreated collection

In the case of (3) or (5), is it possible the docId from (1) will be generated again by the nosql service?  I need to know if docIds can be treated as GUIDs, or if I need to generate ids myself to ensure docIds can't be used to update the wrong records.

asked Apr 13, 2018 in Flash by kustardking (12 points)
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Hi Kustardking,


In the storage service, every time DocumentId created in the collection having the unique value as the new document inserted into the existing collection as well as the new document inserted the into the recreated collection.

After the deletion of the existing collection and recreating the same collection, while inserting the new document in the recreated collection, it's DocumentId does not match with older DocumentId, every time it having the unique identifier for the document.

In case if you have any other queries please do feel free to reach out to us.

We will be happy to help you.



Priyanka Singh

App42 Team
answered Apr 16, 2018 by anonymous
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