get top N rankings + their additional data

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How can I fetch all N top rankings plus their additinal data? 

For every user my leaderboard should include the following information :

UserName; DisplayName; Age; Score;

for example:

wieuzwquehqwuzegh; Nick; 28; 10023

I want to get all the top 100 Players and their information in a hopefully simple api-call, should be a basic usecase.

Thank you

asked Jun 11, 2018 in Java by mistkibl (63 points)

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Hi Mistkibl,


You can use the Saving Additional Data along with Score API , this will help you to save the additional data along with the user score in JSON format. Additional data storage uses the Storage Service internally and when you fetch it, it goes to Storage Service again. We have this functionality in getTopNRankings and other get methods(except GetAverageScore)in leaderboard service which internally depends on the storage service to fetch additional info, It will help you to fetch the Top N Rankings from the leaderboard.

Also, you can directly fetch this additional info from the storage service using this link.

In case if you have any other concern please do feel free to reach out to us.

We will be happy to help you.



Priyanka Singh




answered Jun 12, 2018 by anonymous
selected Jun 16, 2018 by mistkibl
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