Unable add item to catalogue from webUI and source code

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Can anyone tell me what is happening here? Unable add item to catalogue from webUI and source code.

Originally this service can function normally, but cannot carry on catalogueService.AddItem() in the last few days;

In addition, I use the App42 Management Console WEB UI for the add item operation, also can not normal new items !

If anyone can help me, thank you.

            Catalogue catalogue = catalogueService.GetItemById(catalogueName, categoryName, sku);          

            if (blnAddProduct)




                    ItemData itemData = new ItemData();




                    itemData.SetDescription("ModifyTime:" + DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm"));


                    Catalogue catalogue = catalogueService.AddItem(catalogueName, categoryName, itemData);

                    blnResult = catalogue.IsResponseSuccess();


                catch (Exception e)


                    blnResult = false;



            return blnResult;


closed with the note: Shep Hertz  support teams has been resolved, Thanks !
asked Jul 2, 2018 in Xamarin by langshin (10 points)
closed Jul 3, 2018 by langshin
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