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How big is the logging storage? And what will happen if I exceed the limit? And is there a way to dynamically delete logs?
asked Aug 6, 2018 in Java by mistkibl (63 points)
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There is no limit on Log Storage and it gets counted along with the total storage you consume on App42 Cloud. If you exceed the limit on your Storage then your account manager at ShepHertz will contact you for the actions needed to be taken.

Only admin of the app can delete the logs from the AppHQ Management console.

I hope it helps.

answered Aug 7, 2018 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
Since there is no way of dynamically delete logs, I would appreciate If there was a setting, where you could set a maximum logging size on the server (for example 2GB). If it is reached older logs are automatically deleted. So one could be immune to get the storage flooded by client logs.

Or to you have a good Idea of how I can prevent of being flooded by client logs? Just imagine there is a bug and I accidentally have a log-loop?
Which APIs of App42 you are using for logging?
I use the Java API
I mean which are the APIs you are calling from Java SDK.
So far:
Do you need further information. I like the logging feature, except of the point that I have to manually delete old client logs from my dashboard.
Your request to apply the limits on logs indeed can be done but is a part of API customization which is available only in the enterprise plan. You can check out the Pricing or contact our sales team at sales@shephertz.com for further discussion.
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