I want Shephertz restfull api's for All shephertz services

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I am Aadhi, I have been using Shephertz App42 service's for last 1(one) year with angularjs / javaScript, Now i am moving angularjs/javaScript To Angular 4 with Ionic 3, previously i was using create Object respect function there is no issues with AngularJs/JavaScript, But now I am using Angular 4 with Ionic 3, So i am facing navigation problem with create Object for the service.
So instead of creating Object, i decided to use REST API's call , So i need explanation  
Method : POST  
QueryParam : apiKey=<apiKey>&signature=<signature>&version=<version>×tamp=<UTC_FORMATED_TIME_STAMP>  
Accept : application/json  
Content-Type : application/json  
Body :  
    "app42": {  
        "storage": {  
            "dbName": "test",  
            "collectionName": "foo"  
 What are signature=<signature>&version=<version>×tamp=<UTC_FORMATED_TIME_STAMP> in QueryParam
asked Aug 28, 2018 in Android by aadhi.ks1987 (10 points)

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Hi Aadhi,

I have replied this query from support. Please check your mail.

answered Aug 28, 2018 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
I didn't get today , Please can we send once again
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