Encoding problem with non-latin characters

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Here is a problem I've encountered when was using leaderboard API.

When a user sends russian name to a leaderboard, It behaves strangely - on "Leaderboard" section it displays his name correctly, but on "Scores" it displays "????". Actually, It is a minor problem on itself, because I could've just referenced it by scoreId to find in "Scores" table.

But here is a strange bug I've found:
If I delete score of user with non-latin nickname, it actually only deletes it in "Scores" section (where it is displayed as "????") but not from the leaderboard and the game itself. Moreover, I can't find a way to delete a score of user with broken nickname - it only deletes it in "Scores", but not in "LeaderBoard".

Is there a way to fix it other then Base64 encoding?

asked Oct 15, 2018 in App42 API Gateway by Vladimir Solovyev (10 points)

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Hi Vladimir,


Could you please add us (collaborator@shephertz.com) as collaborator into your application, It will help us to provide better support to you from our end.

For adding us as a collaborator please follow the below steps:

App42 Cloud API->AppManager->Collaborator->Add Collaborator->Enter above mentioned emailId and submit

Also, please share the AppName, game name and ScoreId which you have to delete from the leaderbord, we will delete those records from the backend.

Going forward in the case if you have to save the leaderboard of non -english character, You can use the Base 64 Encode and Decode technique, where you have to encode your Non-English character before you are going to create the leaderboard, fetching this record back you have to decode back this encoded data. This is directly supported by our SDK.

For getting more detail please have a look at 10th point in this link



Priyanka Singh

App42 Team


answered Oct 16, 2018 by anonymous
Wrong Base64 encoidng
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