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Hi Team

                 I want to implement storage services. I need Demo example.Can you please help me out.



asked Apr 15, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by sarora (56 points)
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Hi Sourabh,

It will be great knowing you that you are using storage services.

Please have a look on tutorial that will explain how you can save your data on cloud using noSQL-storage and fetching the data acc. to your query.

And it will be great that if i know in which sdk you are working on. So that we can provide you a sample link.

answered Apr 15, 2014 by hs00105 (517 points)
Thanks Team...

I have one I get into storage services and as per your link its perfect.My question is how to save data with respect to different different Users.Can you please help me..

Thanks for your co-operation..
I think this will be done by using Querying App Data Using Key Value. am i right on this ??..for e.g:- if this user exist then update score otherwise insert a record.

Yes sourabh make sure you are using the save or update method please find the link below for the method. Because of insertJSONDoc method is insert new json doc whenever you cal.
About your first query if i understood your scenario then you can just simply add the new json doc for your different-different user and if you want that you can update the data for the same as well.
For any other information regarding no-sql storage service function please review our documentation page which will help you  to solve your query and your user cases in which you need to save , update or fetching details etc.
Thanks :-
Himanshu Sharma
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