Setup Cocos2D-X and Appwarp for Android with cmake

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I am able to build my app for macOS with cocos2d-x and appwarp, I can also build cocos2d-x alone for Android but when I add appwarp I am not able to build. I am using Android Studio and tried the changes to, but it didn't work. It seems cocos2d-x uses cmake now. I changed PROP_BUILD_TYPE from cmake to ndk-build in gradle.propreties but now I can't build anymore, I get "make: *** No rule to make target `MyGame'. Stop". Building The Ninja Fight demo for Android was also unsuccessful, so I don't really know how to go from here, either try to make cocos2d-x 3.17.2 work with ndk, make appwarp work with cmake or maybe use an older version of cocos2d-x idk. Any one had this issue? Any pointers? Thanks.
asked Mar 7, 2020 in Cocos2D-X by VanillaBoi (10 points)

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