Appwarp connectWithUsername() error.

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Issue with warpClient.connectWithUserName(name). I called warpClient.ConnectWithUserName(Tony1234) and it connected successfully but if I close app without disconnecting warpClient and try to connect again it won't connect. It return CONNECTION ERROR CODE 1 (AUTH_ERROR). STEPS TO REPRODUCE THE ERROR 1. Start app, click connect = warpClient.connectWithUserName(Tony1234)=(Connection is successful) 2. Close app without disconnecting warpClient. 3. Open app again and click connect =warpClient.connectWithUserName(Tony1234)= (Connection failed with error code 1(AUTH_ERROR)). How do we resolve this problem?
asked May 12, 2020 in Discuss & suggest API by tonielrosoft (10 points)

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import java.util.HashMap;
import com.greenpipestudios.paradox.gamestate.PlayState;
import com.shephertz.app42.gaming.multiplayer.client.WarpClient;
import com.shephertz.app42.gaming.multiplayer.client.command.WarpResponseResultCode;
public class WarpController {
private static WarpController instance;
private boolean showLog = true;
private final String apiKey = "SHHHHHH!!!";
private final String secretKey = "SHHHHHH!!!";
private WarpClient warpClient;
public String localUser;
private String roomId;
public int numUsers;
private boolean isConnected = false;
boolean isUDPEnabled = false;
private WarpListener warpListener ;
public static final int minUsers = 1;
public static final int maxUsers = 3;
private int STATE;
// Game state constants
public static final int WAITING = 1;
public static final int STARTED = 2;
public static final int COMPLETED = 3;
public static final int FINISHED = 4;
// Game completed constants
public static final int GAME_WIN = 5;
public static final int GAME_LOOSE = 6;
answered Sep 5 by taniyuki246 (10 points)
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