Realtime Group chat implementation with single user subscribed to multiple groups

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I want to develop a chat application in which user can :

1. create/join/delete groups on the go.

2. Be a part of multiple groups at a time.

Basically, I am looking for functionality similar to watsapp where user can create chat group, has an option to join a group (if invited), or exit the group whenever he wants. Also, he can be part of multiple groups simultaneously.

Can I do this using shephertz APIs?
asked Apr 16, 2014 in AppWarp by Sahil Gera (20 points)

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AppWarp is more focused towards games. It includes rooms and lobby where a player can join and interact with other players.

For implementing such functionality you can combine AppWarp with App42 Cloud Service. App42 include features like push notification, storage service, user profile, etc
answered Apr 16, 2014 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
Thanks for your prompt reply Suyash.

Exactly..!! I got references on how to use push notification/user profiles/buddy management.
What I couldn't figure out is a way to make a user part of multiple groups simultaneously. How can I achieve this?
You can do this by using the buddy management service in which you can add multiple group as well as you can add multiple user in a group or a single user in multiple group.
For this you can just simply call a create group, add User Into Group & send message to your group friends or buddies.
You can also tag a location of your friends with buddy management which help to find friends location and you can send push notification to the same which make your app effective.
Please find a documentation link below which will explain the number of function and how you can integrate into your project.
Thanks Himanshu.

This surely helps a lot to begin with. The only concern is, the group creator possesses all the control here.
1. Can someone who got added into a group by his friend choose not to be a part of that group?
2. In order to reply to a group, does each member has to remember group owner's name?
About your first query sahil if i understood your use case than other person can't add a member into a group it will be required that only owner can add the member. So that other person will not be a part of that group.
And about your second query yes it will required whenever you want to send a message.
Thanks Himanshu,

I have a follow up question regarding this.
My app is meant for facebook users where their accounts are linked via facebook accounts (using Social service).
In order to implement dynamic group chat between these users, I need to use buddy Management service.

Through forums, I came to know that Social Service (facebook users) and Buddy management Service (for group chat) are INDEPENDENT services. So, how do I use fb accounts linked/created via social service in buddy management service?
Is combining social service and buddy management service the right way to implement group chat among fb users?
Hi Sahil,

Actually it will depend on your app use case that you want to add Facebook users in a group chat or you only add the app login users.
Also, i need to clear one thing that the chat among the users is not over Facebook.
It will be on App42 Backend and you need to manage all the function like send request to your Facebook user list ,accept request & add friends into group  using buddy service.
I want to provide group chat functionality only for facebook users.
Will the users linked via socialService become available in Buddy Management Service automatically?
Hi Sahil,
Users will not automatically linked via social service.You need to add the users in group using App42 Buddy Service.
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