Difference between ScoreBoardService and ScoreService

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There is a method called addScore in ScoreService which will append the score in user's account. 

-(Game*)addScore:(NSString*)gameName gameUserName:(NSString*)gameUserName gScore:(double)gameScore;

I tried this method which works perfectly. How to get these ScorService data using api ? I didnot find any method to fetch these data.

What is the difference between ScoreBoardService and ScoreService ?

What should i use for my related question ?

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asked Apr 18, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by nilesh (109 points)

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ScoreService Allows ingame scoring. It has to be used for scoring for a parituclar Game Session. If scores have to be stored across Game sessions then the service ScoreBoard has to be used. It is especially useful for Multiplayer online or mobile games.

ScoreBoardService allows Game Developer to create a game and then maintain the game scoring using the Score service. It also allows to maintain a Scoreboard across game sessions using the ScoreBoard service. One can query for average or highest score for user for a Game and highest and average score across users for a Game. It also records and provides ranking of the user against other users for a particular game.
answered Apr 19, 2014 by sshukla480 (407 points)
how can get the data from score service ? Please check this image http://i.imgur.com/zs45Lxk.png
In current scenario wouldn't able to get scoring data because it's depend on your game session. Every time to add a new score you will get your total score back in response.
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