Build a query including the "Created on"-column?

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I am using the StorageService to store some data. I am now building a "Custom code" server-side Java tool to modify this data. I'd like to build a query that returns all entries that are older than 48h. How can I access the "Created On"-column using a query (i.e. what is the column-key)?


I'm basically missing "CREATED_ON_KEY":

Query q1 =, 1, Operator.EQUALS);
Query q2 =, now - 48h, Operator.LESS_THAN);
Query query = QueryBuilder.compoundOperator(q1, Operator.AND, q2);         

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Hi ,

You can make query on createdOn by using  CREATED_ON_KEY as  "_$createdAt"  . You can use code snippet given below to make query on created on .

Query q1 ="_$createdAt", "2014-05-12", Operator.GREATER_THAN);

Query q2 ="_$createdAt", "2014-05-14", Operator.LESS_THAN);

You can use these two queries for all entries that are older than 48h.

Thank you!

answered May 14, 2014 by SACHIN25 (190 points)
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This works perfectly, thank you very much :-)!
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