For scale setting of the free version

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Hi. Are you sure would not be able to change the kontena power or No. Of Instances on a scale setting of the free version? 
If you try to change "Please upgrade the setup" is displayed. 
You can not select a Flavour Type in the Upgrade / Downgrade of BPaas Setup List.
asked May 28, 2014 in App42PaaS & BPaaS by appwarp (20 points)

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We only support Light Flavour of BPaaS Solution in our Free Tier. Since you are already using the Light Flavour, you cannot Downgrade it. In order to Upgrade your BPaaS Setup to higher flavour, you need to contact our support, so that we can upgrade your account to Paid Tier.


Thank you for using our services. Have a nice day.

answered May 28, 2014 by rohit (31 points)
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