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how to save zone & room when deploy a new application? (every time i upload a new application, sometimes the room & zone are deleted so i have to create one).



asked May 30, 2014 in AppWarpS2 by goldglorygirl (55 points)

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Can you ensure that the HSQLDBFile param in your AppConfig.json is same in your new application as in the previous application deployed?
answered May 31, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
selected Jun 2, 2014 by goldglorygirl
can you give me an example?

and i'm not change my HSQLDBFile param. but, i didn't add the DB Files on my github. do i have to add the DB files on github when deploy application?
Let me clarify a couple of things

1) AppWarp S2 server uses a local HSQLDB to persist zones and rooms that are created via the admin dashboard. The name of the HSQLDB used to save the files is specified by the application in its AppConfig.json file. When you stop/start your application, the AppWarp S2 server will reload the data from the HSQLDB specified in the AppConfig.json if found.

So for instance if you deploy your app with HSQLDB name as 'foo' and create some zones and rooms from the admindashboard, this info is stored in foo HSQLDB. Now if you redeploy your application and the new AppConfig.json also has 'foo' as the HSQLDB filename, the zones and rooms will be found and reloaded. However if the HSQLDB name in the new i.e. redeployed AppConfig.json is 'bar' then the zones and rooms will not be found.

You don't need to upload your HSQLDB files - you just need to ensure that the HSQLDB file name in the AppConfig.json is the same when you redeploy.

2) Rooms that you create from the client API i.e. by calling the createRoom API are not persisted in the HSQLDB. Only rooms that are created from the admin dashboard are persisted. So when you restart or redeploy your application - these rooms will not be recovered.
Thank you so much for explanation!
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