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Hello ,

Im working on a project using AppWarp service, I would like to create a room for matchmaking. lets say if USer A creates a room with at least 100$ and user B is looking for a room he will join to my room only if we set the the same range.

How Do I use the RoomProperty functions? give me an example please.

asked Jun 3, 2014 in AppWarp by tamirsagi (10 points)
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You can use updateRoomProperties method to set some properties to a room like prize, etc. Then you can call the joinRoomWithProperties to join a room.

To learn more about matchmaking with room properties you can read here

You can view following samples
Android -
Unity Sample -
answered Jun 3, 2014 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
Thanks for fast respond.
I think I have not made myself clear enough.

My Policy is if a user wants to join a room, the bet that was set to the room needs to be in his money range.(10% min to 33% max of his money)

Let say user A has 1000$
user B has 10000$
Assume user A creates a room and set the Bet to 1000$(so now the property for the room is "RoomBet,1000$"
now user B will look for a room with min 1000$ and max 3333$

How should I create such a matching?
How I get the property that set to the room?
That will not be possible, but you can pre-define ranges of money for example room type 1 has 100$-1000$, room type 2 has 1000$-10000$ and then join room with property roomType=1
yes exactly what I did already!

I would like to ask you one more thing

when trying to JoinRoomWithProperties i get error #2 which is resource not found.
I pass as an argument a dictionary as is written on the API files.

just to make it clear, everything worked fine the only thing I changed today is from "joinRoom" to "JoinRoomWithProperties" because I added some properties.

any idea?
Such error should occur when the properties you defined is not contained by any room. Please make sure at-least a room has those properties and you are passing the properties arguments correctly. If still unsure you can paste your code snippet here.
Now it works fine but I have something else which is weird.
I tried using JoinRoomWithProperties, when my host created a room it found the room but could not subscribe .
when I changed the function to "GetRoomWithProperties" it worked fine.

any suggestions?
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