Would AppWarp be suitable for making a 2nd screen application (Unity3D)?

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I am planning to develop a unity game application which will have an on-line component and wanted to enquire about the features of appwarp and if it would be suitable for our needs. 
Our app will be a 2nd screen experience, utilizing both a mobile device and a main (large) screen, either a tv, or pc screen, where the client application on the mobile will need to connect to the host application on the pc, to send messages back and forth between the two endpoints about the rotation, position of a single object as well as updating the value of a few additional variables. 
I have currently used the sample Vikings multiplayer application with appwarp and I've noticed that delay between an action being preformed by one character and visible on another endpoint is around 2 seconds+. Would this be a normal result for this particular demo? 
For the purposes of our application, we would want a relatively low latency connection between the two endpoints, under 150-200ms if possible, so that when the user performs an action on the mobile client, they can quickly see the result on the host game window. 
Also, if we use appwarp, we currently are using the base version of Unity as we are an independent studio. Would connections from within the android and iOS clients be compatible without Unity Pro?
asked Mar 3, 2014 in AppWarp by josiah (10 points)

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- You don't need Unity Pro as we also have a mobile asset and native plugins which allow us to do socket communication with free version.

- 2+ seconds is quite high. Can you log the time when you call sendUpdate and when you receive the onUpdatePeersReceived notification? Are you using UDP or TCP?

Also which server are you connecting to and where are you based?

answered Mar 4, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
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