If player was once Host can join but can't initialize game.

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So I've been working off the Templates from Color Move and the Tic-Tac-Toe tutorials.  I'm using Corona Sdk.

The problem I run into if Player1 hosts and game and then disconnects.
Player2 hosts a game.  Player1 Joins the game.
Both players are connected and in the same room but Player1's gameScene never enters.

It works fine unless a player first tries to host and game then joins a game.
Any Ideas? Thanks
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asked Mar 3, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by floppyfinapp (21 points)

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Alright so apart from alot of the little things arewrong with the Tic Tac Toe Sample and not difficult to fix but here's one of the little things that had be stumped for hours.

For the ConnectScene.lua file you need to add

function scene:enterScene( event )
isNewRoomCreated = false --add this to the start of the function.

and it needs to be added under the function of the connectButton widget
if the label is back then
isNewRoomCreated = false
answered Mar 3, 2014 by floppyfinapp (21 points)
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