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Hi, i'm using appwrap since a couple of days.

My problem is i can't figure how to create a enemy gameobject (or a fireball, or something) and sinchronize it on all players in the room. In example, 2 players fighting a mob, player 1 hit the mob and player 1 and 2 see the animation

I've read about app42 and appwrapS, but i do not want to create my server; i want to use the appwrap service.

Is there any guide, example, tutorial or similar i can read for more info?


Thank you for read!
asked Jun 18, 2014 in Discuss & suggest API by Viento del Bosque (10 points)

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Take a look at our Unity samples

You can see how the Vikings exchange their positions. Similarly you can extend that notion to enemy objects, bullets etc. and exchange their information.
answered Jun 18, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
thank you, i've already been using this example os vikings.
However my problem is something different; on the viking example, each player is a object; this object send this position, and receive the position of others. The problem is when the object is at same time on both players. Maybe a room leader or similar?
The application needs to define a model and identify it by something like a model id. Its movements will have to be done by the client that is driving it. That client then needs to send its positions as an update peers message to the other client so that they can also render it accordingly.

Just like in the Viking sample, each client sends its position - in this case the client will in addition to itself also send updates about the models that its driving.
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