I am not getting the scores of my facebook friends in the FaceBook LeaderBoard.

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Hello ,


I have downloaded the FaceBook sample from


and followed all the steps for integration.

I am able to login to faceBook and see my score perfectly but I am not able to see my friends in the leaderBoard.

I have made my friend login , in the same app and posted his score , but my score is not being displayed now.

I am also not getting the global leaderboard populated. (Which is not important for me at present as I want to display only faceBook LeaderBoard).

I am testing this app in android device, I can't see Debug.Log() messages from here.


What 's the solution to get the leaderBoard of all FaceBook friends who have installed My  Game?


Also , Is there any way I can see the list of the scores posted by all users who installed my game in the

App DashBoard.
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Hi Srikanth,

Could you please send me the log of Android logcat.

After running the sample in the debug mode of your Android device. Make sure your device debugging mode is ON.

answered Jun 20, 2014 by naresh (350 points)
Here is the logcat information :


Another issue is it is asking me to login the second time after logging in. How to resolve this?
Firstly, tell me that How are you saving your friends score? In Facebook Leaderboard when you save your friend score you must pass Facebook id rather than a username.

Actually I have logged in my device and posting score from My game . My Friend has logged in from another device and he is posting score from his device.
Both of us has installed the same game , so each score is being pushed separately.
 I  don't want to update score of my friend . I want the functionality to update each one's score separately but combined leaderboard's of all the players can be seen.
But the leaderBoards are being updated for one user only . From my friend's device he is able to see only his score and In my device I am able to see my score only.
 Share us snapshot of AppHQ (Business Service Manager->Game Service ->ScoreBoard)  . Make sure both users are available there.

Actually there is nothing stored in here . It is completely empty.

You need to select the game for which you are finding the leaderboard in your app.

Hi ,

Sorry for My Ignorance . Here you go :
We are looking on it.
Let you know when ever it has been replicated. Its look like something has wrong with facebook permission under 2.0 version.
same here, the Score board show only me. Please double check (Unity3d)
oh, just change line 170 in FBLeaderBoard.cs


to this:

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