JSONArray of JSONObject in Java

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I'm trying to get an array or JSONObject like this :

JSONArray array = new JSONArray();
JSONObject jsonResponse = new JSONObject();
jsonResponse.put("Login", players.get(i).Login);

return new HttpResponseObject(HTTP_STATUS_SUCCESS,

Here's what I get : 
Success : {"{\"Login\":\"3dduck\",\"Wifes\":1,\"Diamonds\":21,\"MoneyBuilding\":435}":{"Login":"3dduck", "Wifes":"1", "Diamonds":"21", "MoneyBuilding":"435"}, "{\"Login\":\"gamecat\",\"Wifes\":2,\"Diamonds\":0,\"MoneyBuilding\":166}":{"Login":"gamecat", "Wifes":"2", "Diamonds":"0", "MoneyBuilding":"166"}, "{\"Login\":\"Mechant Raton\",\"Wifes\":20,\"Diamonds\":550,\"MoneyBuilding\":1420}":{"Login":"Mechant Raton", "Wifes":"20", "Diamonds":"550", "MoneyBuilding":"1420"}}

I get everything in double, what did I wrong ?

Thank you, your support is amazing !


asked Jul 1, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by moddib (27 points)

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From the JAVA documentation :

toJSONObject :
Produce a JSONObject by combining a JSONArray of names with the values of this JSONArray.
names - A JSONArray containing a list of key strings. These will be paired with the values.


So only an array of names was needed.

answered Jul 2, 2014 by moddib (27 points)
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