Marmalade sendUpdate(byte* update,int updateLen) missing onSendUpdatePeersDone ??

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I just started using warp with marmalade. very impressive so far!!


I would like to send some raw bytes to a room. I'm working with the monster sample, I have also downloaded the last version from dropbox mentioned in a recent marmalade post, I think posted only 2 hours ago.

So, I have some bytes, I am sending them with sendUpdate, the header for which states:

         * sends a custom update message to room in which the user is currently
         * joined. Result of the request is provided in the onSendUpdatePeersDone
         * callback of the UpdateListener.
         * @param update
         * @param updateLen


BUT, there is no UpdateListener class, nor is there an onSendUpdatePeersDone callback in the Listener header.

So how does one, in Marmalade, get the bytes sent from a client to a room?


asked Jul 2, 2014 in AppWarp by (10 points)

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Hey John,
Sorry for the incovenience caused, this is a spelling mistake. When you call sendUpdate() you will receive response in onSendUpdateDone of UpdateRequestListener and all players will receive notification in onUpdatePeersReceived of NotificationListener.
answered Jul 2, 2014 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
Thanks for the quick reply. I assumed as much seeing the onUpdatePeersReceived() is the only method that has a byte array. Is there a limit to the rate and size of the data passed? I assume there must be, as when I hit it hard and fast, it craps out after a few received callbacks, and then it oddly calls back onConnectDone()

The limit for sending bytes is 1024 bytes. Sending a message with bytes more than 1024 will result in Bad_request. Regarding rate, there is no limit from AppWarp. But sending data at higher can make your application behave odd as the device or network might not be able to handle sending data at such higher rate.
makes perfect sense, thanks!
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