how getJoinedUsers() works?

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currently I am using this method

public void onGetLiveRoomInfoDone (LiveRoomInfoEvent eventObj)


            string[] users = eventObj.getJoinedUsers();

            if(users != null && users.Length > 0)
            Log("onGetLiveRoomInfoDone users : " + eventObj.getJoinedUsers().Length);
            Log("onGetLiveRoomInfoDone users : null");



but this always returns null even if i have other players connected. how do I get number of users and its info in particular room?
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asked Jul 8, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by patel.sagar2611 (34 points)
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Can you check what is the result code in the event object? Only if its success (i.e. 0) and if there are users joined in the room whose information is requested - will the event contain the joined users.
yes I am getting success(i.e. 0) and also there are users in the room. still I get null.
I've tried this out and its working fine. Here are the code snippets

    public void onGetLiveRoomInfoDone(LiveRoomInfoEvent event) {
        System.out.println("onGetLiveRoomInfoDone: "+event.getResult());
        if(event.getResult() == WarpResponseResultCode.SUCCESS){
            String[] users = event.getJoinedUsers();   
            String result = "";
            if(users != null ){
                for(int i=0; i<users.length; i++){
                    result += " "+users[i];                

I connect, join room x, call getLiveRoomInfo(x) and then get the response.

Can you share your application code in which this issue reproduces? We can then let you know what the problem might be.
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