Push notification Android [ errorCode=MismatchSenderId ]

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Hi, I tried to make https://github.com/shephertz/App42-Android-Push-Sample/archive/master.zip this work but I failed

First of all, I set up a server key on GCM (Key for server apps (with IP locking)

Secondly, I added the key into the Android Settings tab

Thirdly, inside the code, I changed the secret key, the api key

I'm not sure what to put in setLoggedInUser("dani") ; but I used a regular name or whatever

as for Util.registerWithApp42("841437349596"); I used the project id from GCM


After all this, when I try to send a push from the console, it doesnt work and the log says [ errorCode=MismatchSenderId ]

I can see the user registered in the console, with username, deviceid, ect but it won't send the push.

Please help !!!


LE: For all those who wanna be sure I did everything:

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asked Jul 10, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by daniel.dinu91 (15 points)
closed Jul 12, 2014 by daniel.dinu91
looks like some issue on key side. We have updated your smaple with our keys here http://cdn.shephertz.com/repository/files/e86da38e4f4363bcbce74c431ca10173bf452e47285893e8d2044bb3913b7153/e5f0028f3c526b319a0897a011d9dc8db30637d3/Working_Sample.zip and it is working fine. Also, If you have two apps in AppHQ make sure that you have uploaded GCM keys to correct app used for push notification.
I tried running the sample you gave me on my device, and then I changed the             App42API.setLoggedInUser("dani") ; to another username and ran it on another device. Push didn't work.. no notification was coming through. Then I tried making a new App42 account and a new google developer account, a new project in the developer console, a new app in the App42 console, changed the info in the sample you provided me, same error.. mismatch sender id... I am getting pretty desperate here and short on time.. please help me.. if you want, I can provide with Teamviewer credentials or skype sharescreen or anything so you can see for yourself all this. or if you think of any other way, I'm open
LE: After poking around with another device, I concluded that it's my phone's fault and I will try to fully erase it and restore to factory settings and see how it goes. I'll keep you posted !
yes, after resetting to factory setings, push works.. I'm sorry I wasted your time, thank you very much for the help and I appreciate your time. This gives me a great impression about your company !
No Problem Deniel. I am glad it worked for you. Would request you to close this question if it worked for you.
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