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We are building a multiplayer casino game and using roomPropertiesTable to hold all game state data e.g. number of users, properties of each user, casino table state, bets, current bets, whose turn it is etc instead of using it for match making. 

appWarpClient.createRoom ("room", ROOM_ADMIN, 7 , roomPropertiesTable)

This works fine however, sometimes ( please note - not always, but sometimes ! ) we get JSON decoding error with the onNotification response of below request which I am assuming is related to the length of response (which in turn depends on each item in the table that we dynamically manipulate). 

appWarpClient.updateRoomProperties ( ROOM_ID , roomPropertiesTable, {} ). 

Said that, could you please confirm what is the maximum length/size of the roomPropertiesTable we can use ? If it is limited, what are the alternatives to hold game state across users ?

asked Aug 5, 2014 in AppWarp by Vibhu Bhola (10 points)
edited Aug 5, 2014 by Vibhu Bhola

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Hi Vibhu,

The maximum length of the roomProperties Table is 2048 bytes.

If you are using AppWarp S2, then you can maintain all the data in your RoomAdaptor on the server.
answered Aug 8, 2014 by NaveenGShephertz (244 points)
Thanks Naveen, could you please provide some detail on how to maintain room-specific game state instance with RoomAdapter ?
Hi we are still facing issues with roomProperties. We are getting JSON decode error onNotification for a roomPropertiesTable that is definitely not bigger than 2048 bytes. To be precise, it is 176 bytes and 300 bytes when the values are filled.

Table :

    roomPropertiesTable["result"] = { {d = "" , rip = false},
    {u = "" , is = false},
    {u = "" , is = false},
    {u = "" , is = false},
    {u = "" , is = false},
    {u = "" , is = false},
    {u = "" , is = false},
Hey Vibhu,

We tried updating room properties with same properties you sent, and it is working on our side. Here is the link to our code

JSON decode error usually occurs if the JSON is invalid. Please make sure that whenever you are setting properties, those properties are well formed and valid.
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