Upload iOS Dev *and* Production certificates for PushNotifications?

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I am developing an iOS app with Push Notifications. I've uploaded my production certificate to the Cloud Console and everything works fine. My question is: Can I also upload my Push Dev certificate to the Cloud Console, or will this overwrite the existing production certificate?


asked Mar 9, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by support (29 points)

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You can upload two certs for iOS app, one is for dev and another is for production. You have to pass this environment information while uplaoding the cert.

By default both profile will be activated however you have an option to deactive given profile any time. Deactivated profile will not be used for sending Push Notifications to registered devices.
answered Mar 9, 2014 by ajay123 (899 points)
selected Mar 9, 2014 by support
Perfect, thank you very much for the quick reply! The App42 platform is awesome :)!
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