can a turn based room have two or more subscriptions and no active joined users?

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Is it posible to have a turn based game room where 2 users play a turn based game both subscribed to the room, but at the present time not in the room?
asked Aug 20, 2014 in AppWarp by wouter (34 points)

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You can only send messages in a room if you have joined it. When you join a room you become a part of it and only then you can send messages inside it. To receive messages you have to subscibe a room.

If you only subscribe a room without joining it, you will receive messages if any joined players sends in it but won't be able to send any messages inside that room.

answered Aug 20, 2014 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
Thanks for your answer. The question now is if a user can be involved in multiple turn based games, but only interact (play a move, send a chat)  when he is in the room, or not. Like a chess player playing on multiple boards at the same time but only play a move an each board at the time. While the opponents do the same, but on other boards.
You can be only in a one room at a time. And once you leave a room, you won't receive any update even if the other player has made the move.

You can use App42 where you can save all the moves made by players in App42's storage service. Then when the player returns in a game, he can retrieve all the information from storage service. To make it more real time you can use push notifications in case you are targeting android or iOS.
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