Trying to connect to AppWarp is very unstable with Mac app built with UNITY

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Lately I am having many problems when connecting to the AppWrp server from an OSX app built with Unity.

iOS builds work perfectly. Even when I have my Unity build platform set to OSX  and run IN the editor it works perfectly.

I only have problems with the final OSX app that Unity builds.

A call to WarpClient.GetInstance().Connect() sometimes is successful and sometimes not.

Amd even if successful the connection drops quickly.

I am using AppWarpUnity,dll (v1.7.6) in my project AppWarp folder. But I think the version is not a problem as everything works with iOS builds and when testing in the editor

NOTE: Also in my project Appwarp folder is App42_Unity3D_SDK_2.9.3.dll

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asked Oct 18, 2014 in AppWarp by huffman (17 points)
closed Aug 17, 2015 by sushil
I tried the same tests on an old 2005 MacBook running OSX 10.6.8 but with the same Unity 4.5.5. UnityConnectionResiliencySample is perfectly stable in the editor and never gives errors, but a built Mac App is unstable here too. I can successfully connect/Join/Subscribe/Chat but it often crashes instead of hangs. Especially if I try to Subscribe more than once. I put the crash log in dropbox:
I think I found the problem...64-bit builds are not supported. When I build and select Architecture x86_64 I have these problems. But if I use x86 then there is no problem.
Yes this could be the reason. I was testing the 32-bit build. I will test it on 64bit also and will let you know. I will investigate more to understand what happens when building for 64-bit systems.
Well I got it running perfectly in a Mac build if I do a simple x86 build instead of a x86_64. Now I got another problem. Testing on iOS with the latest dlls (v1.10 AppWarpUnityMobile) just trying to connect causes a crash. So to make sure it was not my game I copied that AppWarpUnityMobile into the UnityConnectionResiliencySample project and built for iOS.

When I run it, it crashes. I can see it in xcode in the cleanup routine running in thread 7 "[UnityWWWConnectionDelegate cleanup]":

+ (NSMutableURLRequest*)newRequestForHTTPMethod:(NSString*)method url:(NSURL*)url headers:(NSDictionary*)headers
    static Class targetClass = nil;
    if(targetClass == nil)
        targetClass = NSClassFromString([NSString stringWithUTF8String:WWWRequestProviderClassName]);
        NSAssert([targetClass conformsToProtocol:@protocol(UnityWWWRequestProvider)], @"You MUST implement UnityWWWRequestProvider protocol");

    return [targetClass allocRequestForHTTPMethod:method url:url headers:headers];

- (void)cleanup
    [_url release];
    _url = nil;

    [_responseHeader release]; Thread 7:EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x18)
    _responseHeader = nil;

    [_connection cancel];
    [_connection release];
    _connection = nil;

    [_data release];
    _data = nil;
I found that the problem mentioned in my previous post is due to a problem with Unity 4.5.5 when running on Mavericks. To narrow it down I did some tests:

Mavericks   xcode 6.1   Unity 4.5.5            -crashes
Mavericks   xcode 6.1   Unity 4.5.4p3            -good

Mavericks   xcode 5.1.1  Unity 4.5.5            -crashes
Mavericks   xcode 5.1.1  Unity 4.5.4p3            -good

Mountain Lion  xcode 5.1.1  Unity 4.5.5            -good
Mountain Lion  xcode 5.1.1  Unity 4.5.4p3        -good

As you can see it is the combination of Mavericks and Unity 4.5.5.
It must not be the xcode version because Unity 4.5.5 crashes with both xcode 6.1 & xcode 5.1.1.
Also Unity 4.5.5 doesn’t crash on Mountain Lion. I didn’t test it with xcode 6.1 on Mountain Lion

I also notified Unity about this problem. For the mean time when I build to iOS I will use Unity 4.5.4.
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