How are network timeouts handled in App42 and AppWarp?

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1) What is the timeout for network access in AppWarp, ie. how long does it wait before calling OnConnectDone with a disconnect error event?

2) App42 seems to use synchronous network calls, how does it handle network errors and with what timeout?
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In AppWarp, the default value of timeout is the one set by OS itself. Once the connection has been made, appwarp sends keep alive messages every two seconds. If three consecutive keepalives are missed, the sdk throws a connection error.

In App42, the timeout depends on the SDK and the OS. Usually it also depends on the default timeout of the OS.


answered Oct 21, 2014 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
Thanks, I see how it works for AppWarp but still can't see how it works for the  App42 SDK - does it just throw an exception after a certain timeout has expired? If so, what is the timeout duration?
Yes it throws an exception after a certain time, mostly sdk has this as 60 seconds. For example: In java, it will throw an Unknown host exception. You can handle this in your app using try catch block.

Thanks, so iOS will terminate the app long before a 60 second timeout - do app42 calls have to be called on a separate thread?
Before iOS6 the default time for timeout was 240 seconds. If you set less than 240 seconds, iOS will consider the default timeout. Now iOS7 and 8  has set the default time to 60 seconds.

As our iOS SDK has only synchronous APIs for now, so to make it Async you have to call it from separate thread.

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