onConnectDone: 5 on iOS, but fine in Unity editor and in browser

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I faced the following issue: I have Unity Free and use AppWarpUnityMobile.dll which allow not to use .NET sockets (which are not allowed in Unity Free). I'm developing a turn based game and it works fine if I run one instance in browser and another in Unity editor.  (AppWarpUnity.dll is used). But when I run the game on my iOS devices (iPad and iPhone), after successful connection (onConnectDone: 0) and several turns I get onConnectionDone: 5 on one of my devices and the connection drops. Did you receive such compliants in the past? Is this a known issue? Thank you.
closed with the note: Closing this thread as there was no update from last 2 Weeks or more. Please raise a new query if problem persists.
asked Nov 12, 2014 in AppWarp by sirsinel (11 points)
closed Aug 17, 2015 by sushil
Could you please let us know which version of AppWarpUnityMobile.dll are you using? It will help us to check and replicate the issue, if any.
What network are you on? Is it Wifi or 3G? On mobile networks it's very common to have connection errors. In most cases it has nothing to do with AppWarp, the issue is with mobile networks. All you have to do is handle it and this is what all games do. We provide a feature called connection resiliency where you can recover a lost connection by calling a recoverConnection() method. All you have to do is call the setRecoveryAllowance method during initializing with the number of seconds as argument to let the server know for how much time the server will retain the connection. Thereafter you will get ConnectionErrorRecoverable instead of ConnectionError. You will need to call recoverConnection method whenever there is ConnectionErrorRecoverable in onConnectDone.
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