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Documentation says that SendChat is limited to 500 chars. Does SendMove also limited to this amount? There's nothing in documentation about this.

Documentation also says that when receiving a move request, the server passes turn to the next player. But what if I want to send over a big amount of data? If there's a limit of 500 chars, I can split the move on few parts, but in this case, when first part is received, the server will pass the turn to another player. What's the best way to handle sending 3000-4000 chars in turn-based game? Thanks!

I see the following solution: send all parts via SendChat and use SendMove for the last part only. Will that work?
asked Nov 15, 2014 in AppWarp by sirsinel (11 points)

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The message size limit is set for all the APIs not only for the sendChat and we have set it to improve the realtime gaming performance.

Generally, we recommend to send only current changes as a move so that the message will be of small size. If the move data size you are sending can not be reduced then definitely you can use sendChat and sendMove as a combination. But you need to be very carefull while combining the move data when you receive at the other ends. You also need to be very sure that all the chat messages you sent must be delivered to the other players before you call sendMove API.

Hope it will help.

answered Nov 15, 2014 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
Got it, thank you.
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