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I'm reading about AppWarp and I want to use it for my game, but I have a question about limit for one room per player.

So is the player able to join for example 5 asynchronous turn based games, each in separate room and get notifications from all of them  (words with friends style of handling). Or if you leave the room you are out of the game?

If I create a turnbased room and start the game, then I leave the game, will the turn still switch to me after the turn timer for my opponent has ended, or because I left the game, the turn cannot be switched to me?

If I can do multiple games in multiple rooms for one player, is it just leaving and joining the rooms all the time and putting yourself onto the same slot where you were before you left the game?
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asked Dec 11, 2014 in AppWarp by Burda George (16 points)
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Hi Burda,

Thanks for taking interest in AppWarp. AppWarp has its own style of working. In AppWarp you can only join one room at a time but you may subscribe for more than one rooms at the same time.When you join a room, you become a part of it i.e. you can play the game inside that room.Only subscribing to a room will let you be a spectator for the room and not take part in its activities.You can also subscribe and join a room simultaneously.In that case you will be able to play in the room as well as get all the notifications associated to it.If a user leaves a room,it would no longer be a part of that room but will receive notifications related to it if he has subscribed for the room.
If you create and join a turn based room and start a game and then leave the room, you will be out of the game whereas the other players will keep getting their turns.But if you stop the game, the game will end for all the users in that room.
As of now, AppWarp does not allow a user to be play multiple games in multiple rooms at a time. So you will not be able to be present in multiple rooms simultaneously. But you can subscribe for multiple rooms. Once you leave a room you are no longer allowed to send moves or chats in that room. So if you leave a room and join another room you will not get the turn from the old room.
answered Dec 12, 2014 by kanika mittal (50 points)
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