'NetworkView' is not supported when building for WP8 (Unity3d)

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Hello. I'm building UnityAppWarpVikingDemo for PC (Windows 8.1) and all works perfectly. When i'm trying to build this project for WP8 it says:

m_UserPathRemap.count(path) == 0

'NetworkView' is not supported when building for WP8.

Error building Player: Failed to build scene: 'Assets/Demo/Scenes/DemoScene.unity'

When building for WP8 i replaced "AppWarpUnity.dll" with "AppWarpUnityWP8" with the same 1.10 version.
closed with the note: Just delete NetworkView from Colliders in scene and all work fine.
asked Dec 12, 2014 in AppWarp by vARDAmir (10 points)
closed Dec 12, 2014 by vARDAmir

It's great to know that you have got it solved. If you have any other query you can post it here on this forum or email us at support@shephertz.com :)
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