What service do I do for Real Time multiplayer(not turn based)

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I'm new to this SDK. I use unity3D. I've checked the docs for the services but I can't find multiplayer service or random match making service. I only saw buddy service and social service. How do you make a real time multiplayer or random match making game with App42? Thanks!
asked Dec 13, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by slicedstudios (15 points)

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Hi slicedstudios,
For storing users data on cloud you can use our App42Cloud API's. Buddy service provides a way to post a message on cloud and then receive that message on other end but they are not real time and is pull based.
AppWarp solution is suited for this kind of application and can be implemented on cross platform for multiplayer messaging. You can use both together for storage and messaging purpose hand in hand.
For details please visit.
answered Dec 14, 2014 by naresh (350 points)
Thanks, do you know how to test the game in unity3d so I can test if the multiplayer system actually works
You can build your game and run one instance in editor and another as the executable
One more question, does the game automaticly join if you have public void JoinRoomInRange(int minUserCount = 1, int maxUserCount =     2, bool maxPreferred = true)
and how can you code the opposition gameObject to be your opposition?
Yes! Calling joinRoomInRange will automatically add you in a room if available. You can uses sendChat to exchange information in string format or sendUpdatePeers to exchange information in binary format. Using any two this method you can send position of player to the opposite players
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