onUserLeftRoom event is not called

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onUserLeftRoom event is not called when another user leaveRoom and unsubscribeRoom and I am sure that this person successfully left the room.

But this onUserLeftRoom is called when another user call disconnect()


How can this happen? I use turnbased room


I use this code:






closed with the note: Programmer's code problem.
asked Jan 12, 2015 in AppWarp by chamroeun (25 points)
closed Jan 12, 2015 by chamroeun

I tried and its working for me.

What is the resultcode that you are getting in onLeaveRoomDone callback when a user calls leaveRoom() method?

OnLeaveRoomDone result code is 4. I think it should be bad request(BAD_REQUEST). Is it because i call it at the wrong time or something?
Since you got 4, this means your request for leaveRoom has failed. That's why no other player gets the notification.
4 i.e. Bad Request occurs, if your are not connected or if you are not part of that room.
You can try calling getLiveRoomInfo before calling leaveRoom to check if that  room has that user or not.
I think it's my code problem. asynchronous call or something...
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