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My name is Mooldi, i'm the head at "INFERNA Studio" , we are a small team developing an FPS game here the video to get an idea :

though this version is so old, and we changed almost every Graphical aspect of it to fit better the web platforms. here a preview :
and we come to terms of choosing our backend servecices, we went for player io in the begining, but that wasn't a good idea almost for their bad support and poor servers capabilities and other serious problems .

well as i saw my self you have pretty much every thing that we need and that's great, but i want to be sure that you guys support small teams/studios and welling to go the extra mile with us, because frinkly we are not used to Java dev and we are short of time . So your support gonna be of a gerat use for us .

i have a couple questions i'm gonna go ahead and ask them here if u don't mind :
can u pelase give us a detailed table or features set of each services and the difference about them , i'm talking about (app 42, app wrap , app42 Baas, and gaming back end .....) ?

and which is the best service to go with for us ? (keep in mind we are developing an FPS shooter game (stats, profiles, Facebook friends, rooms lobby and load balancing , capability of joining rooms/games ....) ?

and if u guys familiar with player io services they have a quit special way of handling the server code (and they have classes that we have to extend our code from ) is it the same thing here ? if not please put us in the right direction 


asked Jan 17, 2015 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by Nouri Mouldi (15 points)
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Hi Mooldi,
We have different products for different kind of requirements. App42 and AppWarp are Cloud Based Backend as a Services. AppWarp is a real time multiplayer game engine. For all your real time communication you will need to use AppWarp. For every thing other than real time communication you will need to use App42 which provides features like Leaderboard, User management, NoSQL Storage, File Storage, and lots of more services.
Since both are cloud based services, you don't need to write any server side code. All you will need to do is use our client SDKs and make API call using your choice of platform/language. We support Android, iOS, WP, Unity, Corona, Flash, HTML5, Marmalade, Cocos2Dx, etc. 
You don't even need to write server side code for multiplayer game. In case there is a situation where you need to write server side code, then you can use our On premise solution called AppWarp S2. In AppWarp S2 you can extend our AppWarp logic. SInce AppWarp S2 is a on premise solution, we provide another product named GPaaS which uses our PaaS platform to host your game servers. But All this is needed only if you want to write some complicated server side code. In most cases you can use our Cloud servers without writing a single line of server side code.
We understand that one of the most important requirement is Support . We have always taken Support on priority. Most of the customers are using our service only because of our support. Support is our strongest feature :) You can mail us any time or post it here on forum. Most of the queries are directly handled by our core developers so that game developers can easily and quickly resolve their problems
answered Jan 17, 2015 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
selected Jan 17, 2015 by Nouri Mouldi
Thank you Very much for the answer, and yeah that was quick .
Just one more thing do u guys have a payment service for the in-app-purchase ?
Sorry, we don't provide in app purchases. You will need to integrate it your self with app stores
Ok Thanks, still a good option ;)
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