Userservice createUser doesn't work if callback is supplied

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     I am trying to use UserService api from App42. Not able to make it work, when I use a callback it throws error that No Matching member function, if I supply NULL in place of callback it doesn't show any error. Any Idea?


   Here is the image of what I am doing exactly.




I have found mismatch in the document defined here for cocos2dx, the callback methods doesn't match with the api I am using, the documents are not updated. And too after changing the callback parameters its not working.


See my changed code.

void EnterName::onUserRequestCompleted(App42HttpClient *sender, App42HttpResponse *response){




The above code too shows the same error, please help.



asked Jan 23, 2015 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by (28 points)
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Ok, I got a sample that works with the latest version of App42. Get from here


Though this is not mentioned anywhere in the documentation, or, api usage, I think it should be updated.


answered Jan 23, 2015 by (28 points)
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