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Hi Shephertz,

Can we use appwarp for relatime turnbased game?

actually, I referred your many examples, and api is really working awesome, currently i am working on chess game, and i want it looks like realtime but main function is turnbased.

For Ex. Lets say player A vs Player B Chess Game. When player moves his horse or etc. its changing position by 2.5 grids, Player A who playing this turn and Player B who waiting for turn, Both can see that horse is changing its position in realtime and then turn over and Player B takes turn and So on...

but its not like your AndEngine Fruity Monster(Its Completely realtime), i need some part looks like realtime(moving pawns, horse) and after move complete, another player takes turn.

can i use approach like your Tic Tac Toe ex. without worrying about realtime? is appwarp auto make it realtime?

Please link me any example available for Realtime Turnbased game.

I m developing on Android AndEngine.

Any help is appreciated.


asked Jan 31, 2015 in AppWarp by swapnil.gawali (10 points)

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Hi Swapnil,

AppWarp has full support for Turn Based Games. You can check out turn bases APIs on our dev center. You can also check out Turn Based sample here

Regarding your confusion for Turn Based games, whenever you are developing a multiplayer game, you exchange actions or events. Suppose you are developing a Chess game, and player A makes a turn by moving horse to 2.5 grids then you just share this action that player A has moved his horse. You don't share the whole horse moving animation. The other player will get this information and will generate animation for moving of horse itself.

answered Feb 1, 2015 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
Got it Sir. Thanks.

Just one favor, can i re-use any particular code in Fruity Monster ex. for achieving same, plz let me know, asking b'cause AndEngine has no documentation.
Yes! You can :)
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