Change auto dynamic-room delete interval

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I am working on a multiplayer platform. Right now the rooms that are dynamically created will be deleted after 60min. To implement one particular feature, i need the rooms to be there for one week. After that, it doesnt matter if the room is deleted or not.

Also, Say i am subscribed into one room using a username and i come back without leaving or unsubscribing from the room, will i be removed from the room when the connection is lost(username is disconnected) or if there is no activity in the room for a long time?

Also, Will i be allowed to join another room with the same username?
asked Jun 19, 2015 in AppWarp by sanju.kurian (16 points)

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Hi Sanju,

  • Change auto dynamic-room delete interval

Currently there is no way to change the time in which dynamically generated rooms are deleted. But we have added one such functionality in our next release. So, if you want to increase duration for which rooms are kept alive, you will have to wait for a while and we will update this thread once it is out for public use

  • When a user is removed from a room
  1. Due to inactivity  : No user is ever removed from a room due to inactivity
  2. Due to Network Disconnection : There are two cases
    • No Recovery allowence is set : Yes user will be removed
    • Recovery Allowence is set : User will be removed only after recovery time has elapsed


  • At a time you can join only ONE ROOM.






answered Jun 19, 2015 by anshul.jain (30 points)
selected Jun 20, 2015 by sanju.kurian
When do you expect to push out the new release.
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