Viking demo not working in unity

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hey i am trying out the viking sample for unity.i have basically opened the project and added my app key,secret ket and room id to the appwarp script in the project and then started the game.this connects subscribes and joins a room without any errors. but when i build it in wndows and ope the game from both the editor and game the other characters do not spawn on  the map.the log shows a user connecting to the room with his username but does not show the character .this happens both in editor and build .please help!
asked Jul 8, 2015 in AppWarp by Mihir Solanki (27 points)

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Hi Mihir,
Please uncheck the "Use UDP" checkbox in the Inspector panel of the appwarp class (from this below image). I think your network does not allow UDP.

I believe you are building and running your game for Windows Standalone platform. If you are running this in Windows Phone, you must replace the dll first in the project.
Let us know if you face any problem.
answered Jul 9, 2015 by sumit.balodi (40 points)
selected Jul 9, 2015 by Mihir Solanki
Thank you sumit solved it by not using UDP and using TCP/IP instead.
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