onGetAllRoomsDone never called!

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I am trying to implement the App42 SDK for Java, but i have some issues that i think might be related to some kind of bug.

The problem is i am trying to retrieve the whole list of rooms with the method getAllRooms of the Warp Client, but the callback function onGetAllRoomsDone is never called (there is no communication back for that request).

public void onGetAllRoomsDone (AllRoomsEvent event){"DEBUG APPWARP:", "onGetAllRoomsDone: "+String.valueOf(event.getResult()));
( is the logger for the framework i am using to develop the application, which is LibGDX)

I followed your guide on how to integrate LibGDX and AppWarp, which can be found at this address:

My project is currently integrating the whole content of the package "appwarp" inside the project "superjumper".
In particular: My test were done on a modified version of the class


Please help me,

thank you
asked Jul 29, 2015 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by luca.tampellini (10 points)
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Can you confirm that you have added Zone listener? If not, then add the listener class in which you have defined onGetAllRoomsDone  callback. If problem continues then share your code snippets or the class files where you are doing Appwarp initialisations and calling the api.


answered Jul 29, 2015 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
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I confirm i have added the Zone Listener, as i am simply modifying the "" class that you posted on your guide to integrating AppWarp into LibGDX:

As you can see from your class, inside the constructor of the class the zone listener is instatiated:

public WarpController() {
        warpClient.addConnectionRequestListener(new ConnectionListener(this));
        warpClient.addChatRequestListener(new ChatListener(this));
        warpClient.addZoneRequestListener(new ZoneListener(this));
        warpClient.addRoomRequestListener(new RoomListener(this));
        warpClient.addNotificationListener(new NotificationListener(this));
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