getAllRoomsDone not being called.

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Hi there.

I'm having an issue from time to time on my app whereby my client will connect succesfully to AppWarp (via the connection request llstener), however the getAllRoomsDone event listener is never called - hence I get no rooms (even though I have two rooms permanently enabled).

Your first suggestion may be that I check that the listener is set up properly but I'm sure it is, as it works (80%) of the time. I never used to have this issue last year and lately it seems to happen a lot (even with my old unchanged version which I use as a reference). When it works it works but when it doesn't it doesn't - and it doesn't correspond with AppWarps server outage times and dates...I'm lost.

Would anybody have any ideas on what the issue could be? I'm developing on iOS and will gladly elaborate.
asked Aug 1, 2015 in AppWarp by lebomorojele (11 points)

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Can you provide some more details on the issue like error logs, code snippets? If possible, can you share your sample project on, so that we can replicate the issue?

answered Aug 1, 2015 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
I just spoke to my partner who was having a similar issue in his Android environment as soon as we started to ramp up testing. My console in Xcode was relaying an error to me however my partner got a message about the payload missing (his question was answered earlier), which I understand means that we've exceeded the 1KB message limit. We're working on it, hopefully thats the issue on my side too :)
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