Why My Daily Score Updates Late?

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Hi every body,

i've implemeted app42 api successfuplly. i get top10 ranks and 10 near scores with no problem.

but when i whant to get daily score, it seems it have hours of delay in updating list!

if i add a score  for example "A" and check daily score, "A" wont show in daily score until hours later!

but if i check top 10, "A" is there!

here is what i do, code is in AS3:

now = convertToUTC(now);
startDate = convertToUTC(startDate)
_sBoard.getTopNRankersByDate(_gameName,startDate,now,10,new CallBackManager(onGetScoreListSucc));
when i trace UTC time, it is correct:
nowUTC:  Mon Aug 17 05:23:54 GMT+0430 2015  startDateUTC:  Sun Aug 16 05:23:54 GMT+0430 2015
i have added a score in time:
but  it is not in my daily score.
asked Aug 17, 2015 in App42PaaS & BPaaS by Arman BM (26 points)

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Hello Arman,,

There will be expected delay of few hours in date range leaderboards. We have also put this on our documentation which you can find from here.

Let me know if you need any other help from our side.



Himanshu Sharma

answered Aug 17, 2015 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
selected Aug 17, 2015 by Arman BM
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