Error "Client is not authorized" on iOS device

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I'm using Unity 4.6 and App42 3.4.  I think I'm supposed to use 3.4 with Unity 4 but if I am mistaken please let me know.

I can create a new user running the game from Unity play mode with Unity Remote, but when I build to the iOS device I get the following error in Xcode:

Exception : com.shephertz.app42.paas.sdk.csharp.App42SecurityException: {"httpErrorCode":"401", "appErrorCode":"1401", "message":"UnAuthorized Access", "details":"Client is not authorized"}

My phone's device time is the same as my mac's device time.  Any help is appreciated.



asked Aug 22, 2015 in App42PaaS & BPaaS by mikew (16 points)

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Hello Mike,

App42_Unity_SDK-3.4 supports Unity 4.6.7. Please let me know the exact Unity version you are working on and if it is less than that can you please upgrade it to Unity4.6.7 and try.

Please let me know if the problem continues.

answered Aug 22, 2015 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
selected Aug 23, 2015 by mikew
Rajeev, thanks for your response.  I update from 4.6.3 to 4.6.7 and was able to create a new user from the device.  Thanks!
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