AppWarp doubts or limitations?

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Hi guys!

Currently I'm developing with Unity 3D for a Quiz Game, so I was able to identify that AppWarpS2 is the main option I have onto my mind. I hope someone could help me with the next doubts.

1. Is AppWarpS2 working with the AppWarp/App42 Cloud API dashboard (online), or is necessarily that I should implement my own server downloading the Server Side SDK? ( In the last choice, is there better documentation to set up it? I can't find AppConfig.json file, is not in the download...

2. Can I use the API Services (authentication, notification, etc...) of App42, and make user connections using APIS of AppWarpS2 or AppWarp?

3. Why is there so little documentation to Unity?

4. Are AppWarpS2Unity_1.0.8.dll and AppWarpUnity.dll the same libraries? There are repeated methods in both. Is this suggesting that AppWarp is not compatible with AppWarpS2?

5.How can I know which libraries I need to invoke if I look on this page?

It's quite confusing, I hope someone can answer my questions and resolve my doubts. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

asked Sep 6, 2015 in AppWarpS2 by lavin.sti (10 points)

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Please find your answers below.

1.AppWarpS2 is On-Premise solution where you get the server side code on top of which you can write your own logic to achieve your custom requirement and host the customised server side code on your own physical instance or on our hosting solution GPaaS.
 AppWarpS2 comes with separate admin dashboard which you can run on your local system or you can use our already hosted dashboard.

AppConfig file is normal .json file which you can create on your own with the contents stated here or you can copy it from our any of the samples. You can follow our getting started page to set up AppWarpS2 server.

 Yes, App42 APIs can be integrated either on Client side or on AppWarpS2 server side using its relevent SDKs which you download from here.

3. You can visit this link to get the documentation of all the available APIs for unity.

4. AppWarpS2 is the superset of AppWarp, so all the APIs available in AppWarp is also available in AppWarpS2. The only diffrence is AppWarp runs on our server but with AppWarpS2, you are free to host it on server of your choice.

5. To go to this page, first you have to select API Guide on the Dev Center from the left menu then you have to choose the Client side SDK which you want to use. For example if you choose Unity then you will be redirected to this page.

Please let me know if you have any further queries or you can write us on as well.


answered Sep 7, 2015 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
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