how to send a message to user in zone

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can anyone advise how server can send message to any user or all user in zone? this is case when server broadcast an event to all user or any specified user.
asked Dec 11, 2015 in AppWarpS2 by nguyenanhdung (51 points)
this is case user's in zone, can be not in room but still able to get message

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Hello Developer,


In order to answer your query of sending message to any user from server is very simple, you can use sendPrivateChat function. However sending push to a specific zone is not possible directly, you can achieve this by creating Global room and join your game users in that room to send the message. For example: You need to send message to US zone then create one room in which users will join that room and you can send the message and same for others zones.   

Let me know if it helps. 


Himanshu Sharma

answered Dec 11, 2015 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
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