Public sendChat result error code 3 (resource moved) after reconnect

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I'm developing a unity app for iOS using app warp. Ive noticed that if you soft close the app (put it in the background), wait for longer than the recovery allowance, and then reopen the app, then I get the following error if I try to send a chat immediately on resuming the app:

Socekt Excption: Invalid arguments from sendPrivateChat.

Then shortly after I get error code 9 from onConnectDone. I assume this is because appwarp closes the connection if you're in background for longer than the recovery period. To remedy this, I do a RecoverConnection and then send the private chat again.

This works, and I also receive the private chat reply from the other player (one weird thing is that I get two responses to onConnectDone after calling RecoverConnection, one with error code 0, and one with error code 1).

However, if I then try to send a public chat after doing what I described above, I get error code 3 (resource moved) in response to the attempt to get the public chat. Is there a different process I should follow to recover the app after having it backgrounded for a long time in ios? Do i need to do something different after recover connection to be able to send public chats?
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asked Jan 25, 2016 in iOS by Yan Largman (10 points)
closed Mar 24, 2016 by shepAdmin
Hello Yan,

We are looking into this and will update you on the same as soon as possible.

I believe I figured it out.

When the app is in the background of iOS for longer than the recovery allowance, then when the app is pulled up again, it will give error code 9, but the connection is not actually recoverable (which makes sense since it's bast the recovery allowance), so the ReoverConnection will result in an error code 1.  I actually have code which will try to call connect again if error code 1 is returned, so on the connect attempt the app successfully connects with app warp, but the user is no longer joined/subscribed to the room.  When I rejoin/subscribe afterwards, then the public chat works as intended.
Yes, you are right Yan. Let me know if you have any further queries.
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