Host/Port not available when trying to access AdminDashboard

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Hi, When I try to access AdminDashboard hosted on your site for AppWarpS2 running on my machine with correct username/password, host & port, I get Host/Port not available most of the time. What could be the reason. Once I a while I do get to login. The machine is hosted on EC2 and is open for all traffic. What is recommeded? Should we host Admin Dashboard ourselves or use yours?
asked Mar 3, 2016 in AppWarpS2 by jitesh.h.lalwani (20 points)
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Hi Jitesh,

If you are running AppWarpS2 server on your local machine you need to put your local machine ip like as a host ip address.Username and password are same that you have mentioned in AppConfig.json file.

Such kind of error also occurs either server is not running or port is not correct.

Let me know if it helps.


Vishnu Garg



answered Mar 3, 2016 by Vishnu Garg (674 points)

I did the above change and checked that port is open and server is running. Even installed the Admin Dashboard locally but to no avail. Even checked from a web-based port checker that HOST is accessible and PORT (12346) is open but still unable to login into Admin Dashboard. In the log I see below log,

2016-03-16 14:56:54,894 - INFO: sending websocket handshake response
2016-03-16 14:57:04,906 - WARNING: closing unknown idle session /

Apparently there is response sent by AdminDashboard app seem to be interpret it incorrectly?

Also there are plenty of log like when AppWarp server is idle.
"2016-03-16 14:57:04,906 - WARNING: closing unknown idle session /"

Does it mean that server keeps creating idle sessions and keep closing them?

Please tell me how to resolve this issue?
Looks like this is happening due to some firewall (statefull packet inspection) in our corporate network which is dropping websocket traffic. This site is a check for websockets working or not - Consider the issue to be closed.
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There is only one reason to avail Admin Dashboard on Local machine

First you need to run the "ant -f warp.xml" command from terminal inside your server derectory where windows-start.bat file is available

answered Jun 15, 2016 by testdemo772 (47 points)
edited Jun 15, 2016 by testdemo772
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