persian character issue in Insert JSON With File Using JSONObject

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i using app42 as backend of my android app. 

i use Insert/Save JSON With File Using JSONObject method to save json object with attached file on my server.

all field insert to server successfuly but the fields that include persian character not shown correctly.

for example "حامد"  shown "-'E/"


Can you guide me how to insert this type of character??


asked Mar 23, 2016 in Operations and Maintenance by miracle.softdev (13 points)

1 Answer

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At the time of inserting non-english character, first you encode them into base64 encoding and insert into App42 database.  Once you retrieve it on the client side, decode it back. Please have a look at this link for the code snippet to encode and decode in base64 encoding and let me know if it helps.



Himanshu Sharma

answered Mar 24, 2016 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
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