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I can host appwarp s2 on my own computer . I want to sent more data once throw appwarp's chat.How do I config AppConfig.json to transfer more data to exceed the limit of 1024kb for a chat . I have looked for many help documents, but still haven't found anything useful. who can help me to solve the problem?
asked Apr 16, 2016 in AppWarpS2 by szwin20012002 (10 points)

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Hi SzWin,

Greetings!! Hope you are doing good.

As AppWarp works on real Time principal, we have apply data limit over the message. When the number of players is the room exceeded there is more data to be sent and latency will increases.

Currently there is no way to send data more than data limit in one message by modifying AppConfig.json file.You can divide the message in chunks and sent to the same to the players.

Let me know the what kind of data you need to sent, it is simple text or Json file or other, than I will be happy to suggest more ways to accomplish the same.


Vishnu Garg
answered Apr 17, 2016 by Vishnu Garg (674 points)
Vishnu Garg:
Thank you for your consulting.I have a data structure which then is serialized by Kryo which is a tool like ProtocalBuffer, but the outcome is larger than 1024kb.My game is tolerant to latency.Divide the data I want to send into pieces is a good way to solve my problem.but it's so boring that I asked for help to config.
Thanks anyway.

If your data is too large than I will suggest you to use http://api.shephertz.com/app42-dev/java-backend-apis.php App42 Storage and Upload API.
Using Upload API:  You can upload data in file and sent a file URL on client side as a chat message/
Using Storage API: You can store data in json format on App42 and can sent docId and collectionName on client side as a chat message, and client can easily fetch the same.
Bingo. The solution you provide can solve my problem.And then  I will dig into the Upload and Storage API to learn how to use it. Thank you .
By the way,
Can I host app42 on my local server? I live in china where your service of app42 is so slow  that the games based on your platform do not work well. Or other solution?
Can I host app42 on my local server? I live in china where your service of app42 is so slow  that the games based on your platform do not work well. Or other solution?
You can't host it on local server. If you use RestAPI, it would be slow and latency of game increases.I believe, best way is to divide the data in chunks and send it over the socket.
Thank for your assistance.By the way ,do you have plans to provide your appwarp and app42 service in China. If yes, I think I can help. Now ,there is not a platform well built like your service in china. Introduce myself. I am working with China Mobile.we have a sub company which focuses on game industry to provide charge service for game companies and developers.
Hi SzWin,

Thanks for your appreciation on our products.
App42 and AppWarp services are available in Hongkong region on demand.
For mainland china we have just dropped you an email on your registered email id with us.
Please check and revert.

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