Limits in bytes for storage service

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When I store a json doc to the app42 storage service I have a response: "2605 - BAD REQUEST - Passed JSON string '@newjsonDoc' is not valid.". The JSON I send is perfect according the validators, 13 Kb large and about 12700 characters long. Question is if there is a limit in bytes or characters to store in a single json document?
asked Apr 3, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by wouter (34 points)

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Hi wouter,

Can you please share me your JSON format.

answered Apr 3, 2014 by naresh (350 points)
Can I send you a file?
Yes, please send your file to
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After a long search and serveral tests it turns out the Util.toString(obj) to create the JSON doc sometimes accepts a null "value" in steat of converting the null to an empty string or ignoring the key. I made a workarround by checking the object befor useing the Util.toString(obj) and then it works all perfect.
answered Apr 29, 2014 by wouter (34 points)
Ok great :-)
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